Software Features
  • Technically very advanced shredder that can permanently remove unwanted files
  • Allow user to shred files and folders by making use of various multiple options.
  • Provides support to all form of record formats, such ?? .exe, .jpg, .doc, .txt for data shredding.
  • Enables user to shred files and folders both manually and automatically.
  • Clean out deleted and old data as well.
  • Saves shredding history.
  • Allows the user to specify the password for secure software access so that no one can use it for destroying purpose.
  • Comprises multiple shredding algorithms to make files and folders shredding impeccable.
  • Very much capable of performing the data shredding operation in all versions of Windows operating systems.
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Data Shredder Tool

Have you ever deleted important and confidential files from your personal computer and then worry after some time that other people might actually be able to retrieve those files? In these days when privacy and confidentiality in the use of modern equipment and media is a haunting issue, there is a need to use computer data shredder program that would ensure privacy. The shredder program available for people allows traceless removal of confidential, personal and unwanted computer file from the computer memory.

Deleting a file is never an option to remove file permanently. The deleted information can be retrieved with the right software and computer skills.  Generally, when a file is deleted within an operating system, the space previously occupied by the saved information is simply marked available and the file is removed from the directory.


In data shredding process, the file is overwritten several times. The data shredder program rewrites the file with random series of binary data number of times. The utility securely erase the files or folders on your PC using a data shredding algorithm which use different rounds of overwriting to ensure that the deleted files can never be recovered. The original content of the file that was present initially gets completely overwritten and simultaneously reduces the chances of restoring a shredded file. Consequently, the program nearly makes it impossible for any individual to find any evidence of important information even after hacking your computer system.

In just a matter of few minutes and with just few simple right-click or browse for a file you will be able to delete the files permanently. In fact, the tool possesses a unique ability to shred the files in any format. Not just that, this program also facilitates you to clean up your computing history like temporary system files, Windows temp files and Internet files without any hassle. Shredder freeware is good utility software that can keep your privacy and confidential information safe. It is an excellent tool that can be very beneficial to keep data safe and clear from hackers and identity thieves.

Supported Platforms

This data shredder software helps you shredding files successfully from all the following supported platforms:

MS Windows Operating System- Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 and Windows Server 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003

Evaluate the Trial Version

The trial version of this data shredder is also available for download at free of cost. However, you must note that the trial version of software include a 30 days evaluation period for your first installation only. Consequently, after you evaluate its performance and desire to continue using the program even after the expiry of evaluation period, you are required to purchase a license

Data Shredder tool is easy to use and efficient in permanently shredding data. However, in case of any trouble using the tool, you can connect with our support team using Live Chat Software